[3.16] Freeze Battlemage: Permanently Freeze (almost) Everything

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Here's the skill tree: https://pastebin.com/FLc2TDAf

[3.16] Freeze Battlemage: Permanently Freeze (almost) Everything

Here's the skill tree AGAIN just in case you didn't see it the first time: https://pastebin.com/FLc2TDAf

Video of the build: https://youtu.be/OQ88kmRWu2U (currently uploading)
Old video: https://youtu.be/7eE4e9lF2Cc

Permanently freeze even T16 Map Bosses
Satisfying clearspeed on packs
Budget friendly (less than 2 exalt for core items)

Die to stuff that can't be frozen
Bad single target DPS

I would recommend sticking to areas where AOE clear is strong and avoiding content where high single target damage is required (unless you have a boss killer in your party).

There are 2 unique items that are core to this build:

Expedition's End, Sentinel Jacket has a modifier that multiplies your freeze duration by 50-100%. It also enables you to freeze with any damage type, chaos damage, fire damage, it doesn't matter – so you could potentially make a Forbidden Rite Totems build that scales crit chance/crit damage and freeze enemies. Feel free to go wild theorycrafting with this.

This unique chest piece drops from Grand Heists with Enchanted armaments as a reward. This is a rare item but it's not popular. I just checked the trade website and saw them on sale for as little as 70 chaos.

The hard part is getting the correct colors on the sockets. I got mine colored correctly by running maps and whenever I saw a harvest, I chose “change 2 sockets, 1 red 1 green” until I got 4 red 2 green. You'll probably get 3 red 3 green first, and that's fine, just substitute a green support gem like faster attacks or ice bite until you get 4 red 2 green.

Painseeker gloves are cheap. There's one for sale right now for 2 alchemy orbs. These have a modifier of 100-200% more freeze duration. These are in the core drop table and can drop anywhere.

For skillgem I use Glacial hammer because at gem level 21, it's a 400% more multiplier to freeze duration. When you multiply everything together, you can reach potentially 30x more freeze duration (please correct me if I'm wrong).

These are really the only core components to the build. From here you can branch out in a lot of different directions. In 3.14 I ascended into the inquisitor and champion to build a character more focused on tanking with taunts, endurance charges, block chance, etc. In 3.16 I've decided to rework the character. This current version ascends into the raider and saboteur ascendancies for more AOE and faster clearspeed.

The items in my POB are a little more expensive, so just use it as an example for what you might aim for as you gain more currency. You can definitely get better jewels and cluster jewels than what I'm using, I'm just using the best with what I've got for now until I get better jewels.

Okay let's talk about the secondary active/support gems. In the gloves I'm using hydrosphere. This sets up a 1-2 punch where you cast hydrosphere to get a pack frozen and cursed with frostbite, then finish them off which a whack of your glacial hammer for ice explosions. I've linked increase AOE, Ice Bite (for frenzy charge generation), and inspiration for reduced mana cost. You can play around with this setup; for example, I previously used hextouch+frostbite+temporal chains and wore a doedre's damning paula ring to enable 2x curses.

Rather than use Doedre's Damning ring, I'm using this:

This is like turning our 4 linked hydrosphere into a 6 link (hextouch+frostbite).

In the helmet I'm running this:

This is kind of expensive, currently at 5.5 exalts on trade website. You don't need this to make the build work, but it helps.

For the weapon I'm using this:

This is super cheap. You can buy this for like 1 alchemy orb. I've tried finding an upgrade and it's hard to find a better weapon than this for the build (let me know if you find something better).

For the shield I'm using this:

It's whatever. I'm just using this because it was affordable and had decent stats on it. It's currently 3 chaos in league trade.

For the boots I'm running this:

The most important thing here is the hatred aura. You can try out different reservation skills or active skills instead, this is just how I chose to set mine up.

The rest of the gear is rare items to get resistances up. The only noteworthy thing is the Fingers of Frost anointment on the amulet:

There ya go. I had asked around in the POE community months ago, seeking advice on how to make a support character that can permanently freeze even T16 map bosses and there wasn't much out there (that I could find anyways). So I blazed my own trail and came up with this build, and now I'm here sharing it with you. This is my first time ever sharing a build on here, so please keep that in mind.


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