[3.15] Unethical👍 Generic👍 Aurabot👍 Guide👍Is for me?😳👉👈 Yes!👍

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Ty for your attention now!
[3.15] Unethical👍 Generic👍 Aurabot👍 Guide👍Is for me?😳👉👈 Yes!👍

I'm no big smart Guidemaker or anything
I'm just trying to help People figure out how to build their Aurabot

About me:
I'm Hate, playing Aurabot for my friends since 3.12.
So I have accumulated a bit of experience.
Not a No-Life Andy, to a certain degree.
No one fucking cares about that anyway you are here for the 500IQ Build guide!

This Guide will not show you how to absolutely minmax everything and be the
best Aurabot ever seen it's just here to show you what to actually do and
what not to do

Peasant's PoB (Super Giga Budget)
https://pastebin.com/q4nYRWeR (Community Fork)

Upgraded PoB (Still somewhat Budget just more expensive)
https://pastebin.com/ATax3w4X (Community Fork)

Minmaxed to the Point where I stop caring PoB
https://pastebin.com/3DpPm6Ak (Community Fork)

All of this is mostly generic Information you can find on other Guides that are a decade old.
I did include a few Notes in the Notes section in PoB,
You can read them if you feel like, they just clarify my choices.
Otherwise copy pob copy items git gud

I also saw someone asking for a leveling Guide
So I created a PoB with some Informations on that

Leveling PoB
https://pastebin.com/PwJfiLPE (Community Fork)

If there are any Questions feel free to hit me up
on either Discord (Hate#0314) or ingame, if I'm on I will most certainly answer.

[3.15] Unethical👍 Generic👍 Aurabot👍 Guide👍Is for me?😳👉👈 Yes!👍
Let's hope the fun returns soon.


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