[3.15] CI – Cyclone ( NO CoC), The Project of the perfect Melee Build!

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[3.15] CI - Cyclone ( NO CoC), The Project of the perfect Melee Build!

Hello Exiles!
This is my second build of mine. I had this build in mind since two leagues ago and now, finaly I did it: A melee build with CI (Chaos innoculation)
This is more an project from my side, not a perfect finished build. So when you have some tips and notes for me, don't be shy and tell me!
But in the end, this build can beat Sirus A9, can run every Map, so I am fine with the result.

For the readers (Idea of the build/items):



+ tanky while mapping
+ still with harvest nerv, you can craft all items by yourself
+ stun/frozen immunity
+ can run all map mods (yes, physical reflection, no mana regen. too)


– not that tanky against Endgame bosses like Maven
– expensive if min.max

The idea of the build:

The idea of the build is: A strong melee Build with 100% Chaos damage immunity.
I like the idea of the CI, so I wanted a charakter, where I am not have to be afraid of chaos damage like against the Poison – Conquerer.



The Problem is, that I sold every item for another project.
You can see the items in the POB below.

But I will tell you about the main items:

First of all: Entchantments are really expensive, when it comes to endgame gear crafting. But in this case, a melee energy shield build? Nobody plays that, that is why a hubris circlet with the entchantment “pride has 15% mana reservation cost 1ex.
Right now I am looking in the standart league, the cheapest one is 4ex.
So buy the base and craft as much energy shield on it as you can!

You do the same with the rings: but also you want “Curse Enemies with Vulnerability on Hit, with #% increased Effect”
“Trigger Level # Assassin's Mark when you Hit a Rare or Unique Enemy”
ATTENTION: You can't craft both on one ring, I did this mistake and give a awakener orb right to the toilette.

The expensive parts are the weapon and the amulet. Of course you can play with a unique axe first, but later, you want more damage, and more damage means you have to craft a really good axe by yourself.
The same with the amulet: You want the “pride has #% mana reservation” mod on it, and energyshield. For the best case, you take the Blue pearl amuelt, because with it, you can constain longer the rage loss with the keystone “Chainbreaker”. This Keystone you can get from the leathel pride jewel under Akoya.

The other items like only Energyshield and elemental resistances.

If you have question for the Cluster jewels, let me know.



Impale will give us the damage against bosses in, so it's important to stack it everytime when we hit an enemy.
Alone from the skilltree, we can get 50% chance to impale an enemy, so I am like the idea of the 100%: The other 50% you can get from a watchers eye with the note: “#% chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks while using Pride” and the support gem “impale” itself.

With the “Berserk” Gem, we will get more attack damage, attack speed, and movement speed, what is perfect for the “cyclone” melee skill gem.
Berserk will consume your rage count, that you get, when you have a lot of mana regeneration. Try to save as much rage as you can when fighting against bosses.

Physical damage reduction:
Yes you have 100% Chaos resistance, and yes you have 76% elemental resistances but, because of using Energyshield base type items, we don't have that much armour, whats essentiell for beeing a melee Charakter. So have some Flask nodes, what gives you an extra amount of Armour, and maybee some jewels for beeing more tanky.

For the lazy ones (pob):


For the watchers (videos):


Showcase All Conquerors + Sirus A9, random stuff, “build guide”: https://youtu.be/TUWOAL4IRm4

For the interessts (my builds):


[[3.15] Sweep Berserker – Boss Killer – 42 Mil. Damage:

[3.15] Sweep Berserker – Tanky Version

[3.15] CI – Cyclone ( NO CoC), The Project of the perfect Melee Build!

[3.15] Skeleton Money Maker Build, Leaguestarter to getting 100ex.

[3.14] MEME BUILD: Sweep, much AOE! Bigger then AOE spells?

[3.15] Witch – Skeleton Necromancer – 20+mil. DPS, 64 Skeletons in total!https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3143814

Cyclone – Scion – MAX LEECH

3.15] Crackling Lance, 10 chaos Leaguestarter, Easy 4k mana for MIND OVER MATTER


I have decided to improve my English by doing this build (and hopefully more builds), so when you have some notes to my build, advices for better grammer ect. let me know it. Have fun and stay save.

I am not a pro with crafting in Poe, but i crafted everything by myself, so when you need tips, don't be shy, just ask if you need help.

EDIT:Update from [3.13] to [3.14]


Update from [3.13] to [3.14]

– we have to reduce the level of the “precision” gem, because of the “flesh and stone” gem, which take now 35% of the mana reservation.

– lethal pride jewel is not an option anymore (because now, using skill cots to much rage), only before fighting against bosses, wait until rage has a count of 65. Switch the jewel for a cobal jewel, and fight against the boss.
While mapping, use the “rage” support gem, instead of melee physical damage.
That means also, just 9 mil. damage.

EDIT:Update from [3.14] to [3.15]


What should I say,… from near 11million dps, … becuase of the nerf of all support gems, we only do near 6 million dps… It*s a shame. I think it will be really hard to build around this Idea… We will see


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